Todd and Lia in the Vineyard

The grapes we use to make Longplay Wine don’t just put themselves in the bottle. It takes many hours of hard work to get from bud-break to bottle.

Some of the key players:

photo2Todd Hansen, Grower/Wine Peddler

Although Todd wears the accounting, marketing, compliance, purchasing, strategic planning and webmaster hats for this venture, he thinks of himself as a farmer first.  He knows that work in the vineyard shows up in the bottle – decisions on dropping fruit, pulling just the right amount of leaves to allow sunlight to help ripen the clusters, and when to pick all affect the final product.

Although most of his days in the vineyard are spent performing the endless handiwork it takes to craft top quality pinot noir, Todd especially enjoys getting on his tractor to mow or haul compost. He can confirm that almost every day in the vineyard is a great day.  The rhythm and pace of the growing season are what keep the job interesting.

Javier Marin, Vineyard Manager

DSCN0482We rely on our talented vineyard manager, Javier Marin, owner of JM Vinegrower LLC, to help us grow outstanding fruit.  Javier has more than 20 years experience in viticulture in the Willamette Valley and was previously vineyard manger at the highly regarded Shea Vineyard in the Yamhill-Carlton District.  Javier’s experience and meticulous attention to detail mean that the vines produce the best fruit possible.  Javier loves growing grapes and his team is top-notch. Javier began managing our vineyard with the 2010 growing season.

Karla, Manager of Many Things

If you’ve visited the Longplay Wine tasting room or purchased from our Karla Punching down the cap in a store, it’s probable that Karla has helped that wine find its way into your glass. She completes even the most mundane tasks with both style and a positive attitude. She cheerfully polishes glasses or punches down a fermenter. She’ll pack shipments of wine in the cold, dark basement for hours without complaint. And she enjoys witty conversations with almost everyone she meets – especially our Groove Club members and other customers. We’re so thankful to have the opportunity to work alongside her, and hope you can meet her when you visit someday.

Lia, Marketing Director, Bird Net Roller, and Grape Taster

Photo of LiaWhile Lia’s experience with wine is necessarily limited, she is a big fan of Longplay, and she listens to LPs regularly.  Lia loves going to the vineyard, especially when the grapes or the blackberries along the fence are ripe. But she doesn’t just eat the fruit, she is a good worker with exceptional agility. She stays on task and especially enjoys working with motorized equipment or sharp and dangerous tools. Lia loves wildlife, and is fascinated by the hawks, falcons, owls and vultures that frequent our site. She also enjoys playing with frogs and praying mantes. We pretty much named the vineyard after her the day she was born.  After all, Lia was the reason we put down roots after ten years living out of suitcases.

Pixie, Chief Vermin Eradicator, Entertainment Director

lia-and-pixieWhile she’s technically not a human, don’t tell Pixie she doesn’t belong on the “People” page. Pixie’s role in this adventure is very important. Her boundless energy and enthusiasm are inspirational. She likes to get dirty, a prerequisite for vineyard work, and she views it as her responsibility to inspect our work and insure that we don’t cut any corners. She cheerfully helps scare away the deer and sticks her nose in every vole, mole and gopher hole she finds. A tireless digger, she is responsible for numerous craters which we regard as miniature soil test pits without the expense or greenhouse gas emissions of a backhoe. We welcome her as a member of our team, and hope you will respond affectionately if she happens to greet you with demands for attention upon your arrival. There might even be a bottle of wine named after Pixie … inquire at the tasting room!pixie_in_a_hole